Criminal Defense

Colson Law PLLC represents individuals in federal and state criminal matters. Our cases involve allegations of conspiracy, racketeering, computer and Internet-related crimes, international extradition, and myriad other offenses. We have repeatedly helped clients to avoid indictment, persuaded prosecutors to dismiss pending charges, and convinced judges to impose probationary sentences. At trial, we have won a substantial number of acquittals. Our criminal defense experience is significant. Founding principal, Deborah Colson, has served for many years as both a federal defender and a private practitioner and has been the lead trial lawyer on hundreds of criminal cases.

White Collar Defense

Colson Law PLLC represents executives and business professionals in white collar investigations and prosecutions. Our areas of expertise include securities fraud, mail and wire fraud, insider trading, money laundering, tax fraud, and compliance with the Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering requirements. Many white collar matters never result in formal criminal charges. Where they cannot be avoided, we provide the highest level of professional service in a flexible and cost-effective manner.


Colson Law PLLC defends individuals in investigations and enforcement proceedings initiated by regulatory agencies such as the SEC, the FDIC, and the OCC. We understand the importance of a coordinated strategy when enforcement proceedings are commenced alongside criminal cases, and we have significant experience navigating multiple-case litigation.


Colson Law PLLC represents clients on appeal and in post-conviction matters, including habeas corpus proceedings.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards.  Our written work is forceful, compelling, and precise.